Tips for Building an Instagram Marketing Campaign

Instagram Marketing Strategy: It’s Easy But It’s Not About Content

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Instagram Marketing Success Is Not Guaranteed BUT apart from those impressive toplines, other challenges are appearing which point to Instagram’s potential moderating potential curbing engagement levels rather than soaring to all-time high viewing figures. New trends in social media marketing and online advertising increasingly make it clear that the days of easy penetration, where a business could simply advertise its products or services by reaching out to a target audience, is over. Instagram has the potential to be a different kind of platform for businesses to interact with their audience, but the question many marketers are asking themselves is how they can take advantage of this opportunity to drive more engagement.

The Power Of Social Reels: A major part of Instagram Marketing success is often the power of social reels, which allows businesses to share visual content with their audience and encourages interaction. However, this aspect of Instagram Marketing is under review following the recent trend for the business to use sponsored posts and content. In this case, businesses pay Instagram users to post content that links to their content – an action that many Instagram users find spam. In a bid to combat this, Instagram has introduced a new feature that will allow Instagram Stories to be automatically shared by users without requiring them to “tag” the content. In effect, Instagram Stories will become a viral phenomenon as people post the content to their networks, driving even more engagement.

How To Use Instagram As A Marketplace: The power of Instagram Marketing is not just about getting lots of eyeballs on your content and building huge engagement numbers but also making your story visible to buyers in your market, increasing your reach and ultimately monetizing your Instagram account. To do this, you need to have a large amount of likes, followers or “likes”, which are listed as an indicator to Instagram users that this story is popular. If you have a large number of likes, then you will be able to target a larger portion of the audience to your products. One way to get more likes, and therefore increase your potential to monetize your Instagram account, is to have relevant and enticing content that offers something to people that would want to buy.

Post High Quality Images: Instagram Stories is not just a place for businesses to sell their products; they are also a great platform for brands to showcase high quality images of their customers, brand ambassadors, and other high profile individuals. If you want to ensure that you stand out from competitors, then it pays to post quality images of your products, services, and content. It’s recommended that you use high quality and professionally made images that are created by professionals. Hiring a professional photographer or graphic designer can help make sure that your brand looks both visually appealing and puts the value into the message you are sending to your audience.

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