The Power of Microblogging – Weibo Marketing Strategies

Chinese Weibo or Facebook is another popular social networking tool in China right now. However, Weibo has some unique limitations that make it a bit difficult for smaller businesses to tap into its massive online community. On the other hand, KOL, an internet marketing company based in Beijing, believes that there is no reason to limit the reach of Weibo. Instead, they believe in helping influencers on Weibo find their ideal market by using a unique strategy that has been adopted by KOL and other internet marketing companies. The secret is viral marketing.

, The Power of Microblogging – Weibo Marketing Strategies, Fix Marketing Strategy & Digital Marketing

So what exactly does viral marketing mean? Well, it is a marketing strategy that allows one business entity to get on top of the viral action that is taking place on Weibo or any other Chinese social media site. To begin, the first step you need to take for successful marketing on Weibo is to open an authentic account for your firm. For such registration, you just need to visit this website and enter the required information: username and password. After doing so, create a business account with KOL.

Once you set up your account, you need to create an engaging content strategy for your Weibo campaign. The idea behind this strategy is for you to be able to interact with your audience and use online conversations to target a specific group of potential customers. Engaging content means having a plan that will enable you to present interesting information about your products and services while also promoting the brand that you are representing on the microblogging site. Moreover, engaging content strategy is a form of viral marketing as it enables your target customers to circulate the information that you are posting. This includes a review of your products or services or an announcement of new product lines.

You can use Weibo to boost your personal brand as well. If you have more than five thousand followers in the microblogging site, then you can use the site to your benefit by posting ads on the wall of your Weibo profile. These ads are known as “kols”, which means that they are used to promote products and services. However, these ads should be relevant to the subject matter of your Weibo profile so that they do not appear as advertisements to your followers.

One of the most effective Weibo marketing strategies that is mostly used by firms in China and other Asian countries is the use of the platform to host discussions on social issues. In addition to the large number of users that the site has, there is also a possibility of reaching out to a larger audience if the discussion starts on topics related to your business. This form of Weibo marketing can be particularly useful in connecting you to a specific segment of the market.

As you can see, there are many different ways in which you can use Weibo for micro blogging. One of the biggest advantages is that there is a higher chance that you will get quality results since the platform is very accessible. Most users love to read content that is shared from influential people on the microblogging site, which is what makes the Weibo community such a dynamic one. Therefore, if you are serious about running an online marketing campaign, then it is time that you consider putting the power of Weibo to good use. Now go ahead and let your imagination run wild!