A Content Marketing Takeaway Tip – Don’t Be Bamboozled With Technical Adjectives!

It is common knowledge among marketers that content marketing is the backbone of search engine optimization (SEO). Because those who prioritize learning and researching consumer wants are 13X more inclined to see positive results from their campaigns, it is easy to see that inbound marketing does more than simply drive visitors to your website. However, many marketers beginning a new content campaign find that it just does not grow or generates much traffic, despite their best efforts. Below are four reasons why this may be happening to you.

, A Content Marketing Takeaway Tip – Don’t Be Bamboozled With Technical Adjectives!, Fix Marketing Strategy & Digital Marketing

First, it may not be targeting the right audience. Whether it’s your local market or the global marketplace, Content Marketing should always target a specific audience. Many website owners begin a new content marketing campaign with the idea of expanding their business, but if their goals don’t involve a local audience, then they could end up doing a poor job of reaching those people – or worse, losing the favor of those people.

Second, content marketing could be creating the wrong content. Many website owners have the idea that publishing blog posts, videos, and other content in a website are enough to draw people to the site, but this may not be the case. When it comes down to it, people want to read and learn more about a product, and seeing a website without much information on it doesn’t cut it. A website that offers readers insightful information about a specific problem or opportunity can help draw them into a site that offers them solutions, which is what SEO truly is: a solution to a problem.

Third, Content Marketing could be doing everything wrong. For example, many website owners often put up blog posts, videos, and other content in the wrong format. They either post in text format (like an article) or as a blog post in a social media site such as Facebook or MySpace. It’s important to use the right format for the type of content being offered, because the wrong format could mean losing potential visitors. While Instagram is a great way to share your digital marketing efforts, you need to make sure that your Instagram posts are formatted correctly to ensure that your Instagram followers can see your digital marketing efforts. A quick remedy to this is to create a live video or blog post out of your Instagram post.

Finally, Content Marketing could be doing the opposite of what you’re attempting to do by trying to drive traffic and attract customers with testimonials, blurbs, or just by offering a free download. A great way to create original research is to actually ask an audience what they want. Conduct an internet survey in real life, ask friends online, or even create a simple quiz on your website. Asking a group of people what they want, can provide you with a wealth of information, and will ultimately help you find out what types of things your consumers want. The use of these questions can lead you to creating unique content that helps solve problems for your audience, which is the whole point of Content Marketing.

To recap, one of the best Content Marketing strategies for getting in front of your audience is creating a great website or blog that solves a problem. Creating a “swipe file” for users to use in order to find similar products or services is one way to add internal linking to your site. Creating a great website also helps you build credibility, and makes you look more like an authority. Finally, adding in the ability to create a video or blog post on your website also helps you drive visitors to your site, and creates the opportunity for a full-blown Content Marketing campaign.