Podcast Marketing Strategies

Podcast marketing is quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to market your products and services in a world where Internet advertising and marketing are becoming increasingly challenging. Podcasts are collections of digital media distributed via the Internet using syndication feeds. An individual can create a podcast by downloading podcast files from a podcast directory or by uploading their own podcast. Podcast marketing helps you to reach people who would be very unlikely to find your business in traditional advertising mediums.

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Podcasts are short, typically 30 minutes in length, audio podcasts. A podcast is like a radio show, only that each episode is available to download immediately after it is published. Podcasts are similar to radio shows in that they can be hosted by a particular host and syndicated by others on a syndicated basis. However, podcasters can publish their content to the Internet anywhere that there is a high-speed Internet connection. Podcast marketing just refers to using a podcast to advertise your goods or services in a way similar to an article, report, or a news segment that is broadcasted to the media.

Podcast Marketing can be accomplished in a number of different ways. One way is to publish your podcast as an application, which can be downloaded free of charge from the iTunes Store. Podcast application marketing can take advantage of the fact that many people search for podcasts on the iTunes Store. Podcast application marketers can leverage this popularity of podcasting to increase their audience and increase their visibility in the marketplace.

Podcast hosting service. Some podcasters choose to host their podcasts themselves, by producing audio files on their own home computers and then posting them to a podcast hosting service website. Some hosting service websites require that podcasters register their personal information, email addresses, and phone numbers, which may inhibit podcasters’ ability to avoid future copyright lawsuits.

Podcast Editing Software. Many podcasters choose to outsource their podcast production, in which case they would purchase podcast editing software to help them convert their audio recordings into a digital form suitable for syndication. This software allows podcasters to make podcast videos, podcasts with sound effects, and podcasts in the format most likely to be accepted by Apple’s iTunes store.

Guest Hosting Service. Some podcasters have found great success when they hire a professional to be their “host” for a certain episode of their podcast. Hosts provide guests with insightful comments throughout the show, allowing guests to build trust with one another before their episode is released to the public. A good host will also allow guests to contact him or her if they would like to speak with other podcasters and introduce new guests to others who might be interested in hearing more about their favorite shows.