Clubhouse Marketing’s Social Media Generating Tips

Clubhouse Marketing has taken the audio content industry to a whole new level with its unique audio content creation methodology. Think podcasting, but live, interactive, and informative, Clubhouse Marketing is the latest form of internet marketing that everyone is desperately trying to master yet! This article will show you how you can create buzzworthy audio content, host your own podcasts, and sell more products through your own membership portal.

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A great way to promote your podcast is through your membership portal on the website. Podcasting and recording your episodes is a great way to reach an unlimited audience because they can listen to it as many times as they like. The downside is that if you do not have your own hosting, you may find it difficult to continually host episodes. Clubhouse Marketing offers a way to host your own podcast without all the cost. Hosting for Clubhouse Marketing is a very affordable and easy process.

Creating podcast episodes that engage your listeners and maintain your consistent schedule is easier with Clubhouse Marketing. You create your podcast using the Clubhouse Studio Pro platform, a web based application that works in conjunction with the popular podcasting software, Parse Podcast. When creating your audio-only episodes, you can create a podcast draft using the Clubhouse editor. Once you are satisfied with your audio, you can publish your podcast on the website. You can even set up episodes around popular events, discuss current events, or generate traffic and sales by sharing your podcast with your audience.

Because this is an audio format that can be published to the web, Clubhouse Marketing has taken it one step further by offering a very feature-rich podcast editor. The most noticeable features on the Clubhouse site are the podcast player downloader. The podcast player allows your audience to listen to your audio format directly through their favorite podcast player. They will be able to instantly play your podcast on their computer or iPod. You can also easily publish your podcasts via RSS syndication, email, and direct downloads.

The clubhouse invite system gives you another way to effectively promote your new app. By offering an audio-only launch day conference call coupled with an email and link on your website, you create a “soft sell” opportunity that you can easily follow through on. You can use this same opportunity to remind your audience of your new app and its benefits. You can tell them about the features and benefits, as well as a special discount that they can only receive by using the new app. This soft sell will help you gain new customers.

Another aspect of Clubhouse Marketing that is incredibly useful is their instagram application. The instagram application allows you to create a simple fan page that allows you to create a number of different opportunities for you and your followers to engage with one another. You can set up a photo sharing contest, offer a scavenger hunt, and even offer a contest that pits your twitter followers against each other. Your followers will quickly begin participating in this instagram community and begin building relationships, which is a great way for you to build brand awareness for your newest app.